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In our instant new world, we often want instant results. So, if we have a headache, we pop a pill and expect the headache to vanish. But should we not ask ourselves “Why do I get headaches? Is my diet correct? Am I suffering from stress? Am I sleeping properly? Do I exercise? Am I eating or drinking too much?” We do need to trace the source of our Dis-Ease and then select both a short-term remedy or formula, and then make appropriate adjustments to our lifestyle to prevent the condition recurring.

It’s about taking responsibility for our well being, and BEYOND WELLNESS is here to help us understand why we have ailments and how to prevent them in future, safely, naturally and with the guidance and advice of experts in their fields and with unique online and printed support.

We have become famous for our effective and often life changing BEYOND NICOTINE Quit Smoking Programmes and Anti Crave formulas, and now we have broadened our focus to help with pressing modern-day issues like Healthy Sleep, comfort when grieving, and Healing Essential Oils.

Our effective formulas, mainly Homeopathic( but also Herbal in selected markets) are useful tools for helping us to live better lives in a hectic time of technology and change. We are proud to be pioneers of 3 dimensional, full-colour healing, blending today’s technology and tools with natural and proven methods of relief and comfort, beautifully and simply presented, and with an aim of each of us taking charge of our personal wellbeing and health.

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