Reasons to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Today

Are you battling to find good reasons to quit smoking? Or are you just trying to remember why you should stop smoking in the first place? There are millions of people who have successfully quit smoking and are now well off without nicotine, and now live a life free from nicotine.

The main purpose for quitting nicotine is to cure one of the addiction. Nicotine is a toxic substance that negatively affects the human nervous system and mentally manipulates you.

Everyday smokers truthfully feel and behave as though cigarettes are necessary for their survival.

Thank goodness, the mental illness is treatable allowing ex-smokers to regain their freedom, which definitely makes for a great enough reason to stop smoking and beat cigarette addiction! Addiction is basically the modern day slavery. You should stop smoking because big tobacco companies use your nicotine addiction to influence you into giving them your hard earned money.

It’s the cold hard truth, that as a nicotine consumer, you are willing to live a shorter life and risk others for the sake of your addiction.

Big tobacco companies also use you as an individual and your addiction to promote their product within society and our communities. Smoking cigarettes among adults negatively influence children into becoming smokers themselves, because to them it’s perceived as if it’s alright.

Smoking and being addicted to nicotine in turn creates unbalanced and abnormal levels of dopamine in the brain, the chemical that allows you to feel good. A cigarette smoker’s ability to experience natural and well balanced feelings from the simple pleasures in life is seriously limited.

Put simply, a cigarette addict cannot enjoy life without nicotine. Everywhere you go, so does the pack.

  • It’s with you every morning, bright and early,
  • after every meal, even snacks,
  • whenever you jump in your car,
  • when you make a call,
  • when you go out with friends,
  • when you having a bad day,
  • when you having a good day,

In short, it’s difficult to quit smoking on your own and getting the right help can be a nightmare, but with Beyond Wellness Group we can assist you in kicking the habit! For products that work, get in touch with us now! Beyond Wellness Group

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