How Long Does it Take Your Body to Recover After Quitting Smoking?

Smoking has been a socially acceptable habit for many years now, however trends are starting to change as people become more aware of their health and the dangers of cigarettes. There are more people in this day and age who are wondering how to quit smoking than there has ever been. The process is not an easy one, and takes no small amount of self control. But quitting is possible for those who really want it, often enough all you need is the right kind of drive. Knowing what positive transformations in your body to expect while doing it can help. So to keep you motivated, here are some of the changes you will start seeing after you quit.

What Happens After 12 Hours of Not Smoking?
After just half a day of not smoking, your body already starts pushing out toxins, working hard to return the levels of carbon monoxide in your body to normal. This increases the body’s oxygen levels which results in more energy and better mental functions. However, withdrawals might make things difficult at this point.

What Happens After 1 Day of Not Smoking?
After a single day, you already lower your risk of having a heart attack. Your blood pressure will begin to decrease which decreases the risk of blood clots, decreasing the risk of smoke.

What Happens After 3 Days of Not Smoking?
By the third day, you will be glad to know that the nicotine should be out of your body. This means that the cravings will be substantially more easy to deal with. But you are not at the finish line yet. Although, because your body is officially deprived of nicotine, now is the time when quitters start feeling irritable, moody, and may even have side effects from withdraw, such as headaches.

What Happens After 1 Month of Not Smoking?
By the end of the first month you should start feeling like a new person. Your lung functionality will improve substantially. You will have less coughing, shortness of breath and unwanted phloem. At this point, cardiovascular activity will become easier, and so it is a good time to enhance that with some regular exercise.

What Happens After 1 Year of Not Smoking?
By now, your risk of having a heart-attack or stroke is reduced by half, and the risk will continue to drop so long as you continue to be a non-smoker.

What happens After 5 Years of Not Smoking?
By 5 years, your body will have healed substantially. Your arteries and blood vessels begin to widen as they should, improving circulation quite a bit. It will still be another 5 years or so before your body heals fully again, but by now you should feel noticeably better, especially if you were a long-time smoker.

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