Powerful Homeopathic Cigarette replacement spray formula for temporary relief from craving pangs and for support when quitting smoking .

Includes FREE on-line Quit Smoking Masterclass valued $15;

Generous 50ml. spray bottle with online course and free downloads and support to assist in ditching the nicotine habit.

Ideal for use at work or when on flights and at times where smoking is not permitted. A great help when cravings visit.

An ideal and thoughtful gift for those we care about.


Powerful Anti-Crave and Detox capsules with guided support for finally quitting smoking.

Includes FREE online Quit Smoking Masterclass valued $15;

15 Day natural and herbal support to prepare and support every smoker in quitting smoking and personal transformation.

We all know we have to make a decision at some stage to quit smoking and Beyond Nicotine holds the smokers hand and guides him or her through a life changing journey to freedom and self confidence.

A great gift for yourself or the smokers in your life.

HERE’S HOW TO QUIT SMOKING by bestselling author Michael Hook.

All the wisdom and techniques of the famous Beyond Nicotine Experience Workshop now in an easy read! 

The Beyond Nicotine Programme has helped thousands of smokers to finally quit their habit and go on to make other positive changes in their lives. Michael Hook has written a clear entertaining and simple manual for the quit smoking journey every smoker needs and wants to undertake. Not just a quit smoking guide, this book is personal transformation in action.

A great gift for yourself or the smokers in your life.