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The pocket version of our famous Programme, with a powerful 50ml Anti Crave Spray, an instructional booklet, reminder stickers and on-phone Apps and support.

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*Herbal in some markets

The 15 Day program with powerful homeopathic anti-crave and detox formulas, detailed programme notes, wall chart, reminder stickers and free 60 minute online quit smoking Masterclass, phone panic button and ringtone and downloadable breathing and hypno-induction exercises.

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Here’s How to Quit Smoking by Michael (UN) Hook

The Quit Smoking Book that spills all the secrets of the Beyond Nicotine Quit Smoking approach to freedom and savings. A detailed guide to preparing yourself for the most important initiative of your life, with step by step support and guidance. This is the method that has helped thousands, and it will work for you too!

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