When the World is Unkind…

We are human beings with feelings and emotions, and it’s painful if sometimes bad things happen to us. The death of a loved one, a break up or divorce, illness, failure and disappointment and other unpleasant events do occasionally visit.

In these times we need a comforting word, good advice, a shoulder to cry on and the help of a rescue formula, whilst believing that although the healing process can’t be rushed, the sun will come out again eventually, and we will be stronger for the experience!

We all want and deserve to be happy, so enjoy our handy and informative booklet crammed with tips to allow you to understand and come to terms with your grief and shock.


Rescue and recovery with a comforting homeopathic emergency rescue spray formula, detailed guide written by our experts and emergency online support from skilled councillors

NEW, Exciting on phone apps

Download and take comfort from our brilliant on-phone apps, like a our Daily Comforting inspirational cards, and do one or more of the Healing Exercises, like Healing by Giving, Healing by Helping and Healing by Forgiving. And use the super powerful Rescue and Comfort Formula, it’s a good friend!

Beyond Heartbreak app is available on Play Store and iTunes.

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The Beyond Heartbreak app is part of Beyond Heartbreak program.

We do not collect you personal data, files stored on your phone, you location or any personal information. The app displays graphical content, allows you to send email messages to people, sends you inspirational messages if you agree to receive such communication.

The app is available for free.