Healing, Restorative Sleep

Insomnia is almost an epidemic, just ask your friends and associates how often can they say they have had a good night’s sleep? It’s almost as if today we either can’t find the time to sleep, or our brains just can’t switch off!

Our sleep experts tell us we need a new approach to sleep: We almost have to re-learn to sleep, to create the conditions in which, like a baby, we can fall asleep quickly, sleep peacefully and awake refreshed and clear minded.

Good, regular sleep is vital to our health, and we are proud of our BEYOND INSOMNIA offering, which has helped so many people to find better sleep is possible, and a wonderful restorative daily necessity. Read our free expert guide, talk to a live councillor, use our powerful free phone apps, and….. Sweet Dreams.

Let Beyond Insomnia help you to sleep

The ideal start to learning to sleep with a powerful homeopathic calming and soothing spray formula, detailed guide written by our experts and emergency online support from skilled councillors

NEW, Exciting on phone apps

Download and use our relaxing “Talk me to sleep” module, very powerful and effective.

Choose one of our gentle awake alarms to ease you between sleep and awakening.

Set and send out an electronic “Do Not Disturb” message to your phone book to protect your valuable recovery time.

Beyond Insomnia app is available on Play Store and iTunes.

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Privacy Policy

The Beyond Insomnia app is part of Beyond Insomnia better sleep program.

We do not collect you personal data, files stored on your phone, you location or any personal information. The app only plays pre-recorded sounds, display graphical element, prevent your phone from sleep until the program exits. The app automatically exits after the recorded sounds complete playing.

The App contains feature to send SMS to any phone number. You may manually enter the number or choose one from device’s contact list. To select contact from device, the app needs access to device’s contacts. To send SMS, the app needs access to device’s SMS. The SMS is sent directly through your mobile operator, and we do not collect any information and the SMS or your contacts.

The app is available for free.